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She was a petite and almost miniature thing. Judging by the sheer sheath gown she was wearing, a white that showed him just about every detail of her body beneath, she might have just come from bed after all.

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Her eyes were a soft sloe shape, long black lashes blinking sleepily over amethyst irises. As his eyes coasted over her, hers did the same to him. She seemed to smile wider the more she looked. Firstborn, second litter.

My brother, firstborn, third litter, has gone off in search of…who knows what. Been gone for a year. All the rest of the family is in the country…or in that room. And low and behold, Sissy has a new beau. How clever of her.

Even then Jhon thought he was being generous. But apparently her lack of height did nothing to phase her confidence. She radiated it and her energetic sexuality like a beacon, and she obviously expected anyone and everyone to answer it. She reached out to touch him, her hand falling just below his slave band on his arm. How inconsiderate and thoughtles s of her to let you bleed and suffer like this. It must be so painful. When she saw his expression she chuckled again. She boldly linked her arm through his and turned him back toward the stairs. You see, Drakoulous women are designed for sex like…the latest and best of technology.

Every part of our body can be erogenous in some fashion and it never takes much to arouse us. Under that kind of duress, the system will shut down…and so will we.

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My room is not far from yours, actually. This one had trouble and mayhem etched all over her flirtatious little body. But call me Asha or Ash. She jerked her hand away from him. Not in looks or in attitude. She laughed a little uncomfortably, touching her hair as if to groom it casually into place.

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Deciding to cut her losses for the moment, she manufactured a smile for him and a little wave. Tell my sister to care for those scratches when she awakens. Thanks for the help. A sensation of ridiculous happiness rushed over her as she remembered the obliterating ride of pleasure he had sent her on just before she had lost touch with the waking world. Her smile must have looked a little goofy because Vejhon began to chuckle softly.

Anyway, I was more concerned with your adaptation to your new…your new life. Though I know that is likely to be only scratching the surface.

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Vejhon moved back to give her room, watching carefully as she reacted strongly. She walked away from him, the fur dropping disregarded to the floor. Stand out and be remembered with Prezi, the secret weapon of great presenters. Get started today.

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