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You don't need to re-up on your Everlast theoretically , and you'll have digital copies of your notes so you won't find yourself digging through a stack of legal pads in the attic at any point. When I heard about the idea of a notebook that lets users wipe down the pages to reuse them, I thought back to high school lab assignments. It seemed like a fun, cool experiment for that would last a couple of days, but not a feature I would bother to use very often.

I'm pretty minimal when it comes to day-to-day life, and few gadgets punch through to the everyday. Since Rocketbook sent the Everlast to our office, I've used it nearly every day, almost like a whiteboard. I write down a to-do list for the day with the day's date at the top, and I cross tasks off as I get to them throughout the day. If I'm feeling ambitious, I'll scan the remaining tasks into an email to do later that night if I leave the notebook at the office.

The next day, I wipe the page down and start again. It's taken some of the pressure off of note-taking, and I love that it has become a habit. Writing things down helps me organize my thoughts, and crossing them out incentivizes me in a 'simple joy' kind of way. It's also a much less wasteful way to prefer paper in the 21st century.

Plus, you can reuse it.

And for a minimalist like me, I appreciated its simplicity. It's also easier than expected to use the Everlast's scanning system just take a picture in the app and you get to assign each of the seven icons at the bottom of the page to a specific destination the diamond can be emails, the apple can be iCloud, and so on.

“The Rocket Book”

When you want to email your notes rather than send them to iCloud, just outline the assigned email icon with pen. When you scan, the app will understand the command. If you outline more than one, the Everlast app will send it to both destinations. Rocketbook Everlast. Having said all that, it's worth noting that you're only supposed to use specific pens in the notebook, which is always an added inconvenience.

I haven't lost the FriXion pen that comes with the Everlast purchase yet, so this hasn't impacted me, but it is something to consider.

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Just to be sure, I did a test with a Bic pen, and you really are better off using the recommended styles that wipe away; any other pen is there to stay. After the designated 15 seconds, the ink dries and stays put until wiped away with a damp cloth.

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It saves you money on future notebooks, sends scans of your notes to your devices, and wipes down for easy and immediate reuse. I already prefer handwritten notes, but I'm surprised by how easy and helpful using this notebook has been. At the time of testing, this was free but limited to 16 pages a day. It worked surprisingly well: printed capitals, lower case and even joined-up writing all came out correct.

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We had just three criticisms. The first is simple: wet ink can smudge or, even worse, wind up on the opposite page if you close the book too soon after writing. The worst example of this is when you tick a symbol and the ink is copied to the opposite page and you inadvertently tick a different symbol on that page. The second is that the app has room for improvement.

It needs to feel like a notebook on the move, not just one-page notes.

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Finally, the FriXion pens work brilliantly, but we lived in fear of accidentally using a different pen by mistake and ruining the book forever - the stuff of nightmares. That said, the fact that it uses pens that are widely available in most stationers is fantastic. A companion app records audio and links it to the notes. Jot down notes on any scrap of paper, then capture them in this app. You can take photos, type notes, record voice clips and more, organise everything in virtual notebooks and even collaborate. From free, evernote.

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The Reusable, Erasable Rocketbook Notebook Can Digitize Your Doodles for $20

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The Rocket Book The Rocket Book
The Rocket Book The Rocket Book
The Rocket Book The Rocket Book
The Rocket Book The Rocket Book
The Rocket Book The Rocket Book
The Rocket Book The Rocket Book

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