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Meet the Faculty: Tim Samoff

They did not follow the traditional way of planting a new church. The idea did not come out instantly but stemmed from their long observation and understanding of the land they love. Karrie frankly pointed out that there are churches everywhere in big cities such as Bangkok. There are just too many choices of churches. Of course, in remote mountainous or rural areas, planting churches is still needed.

Believers have various thoughts that mingled with folk religions. They do not know who they believe, not to mention what it truly means when Jesus Christ died for you and me. And there is an urge. Human trafficking, prostitution, child prostitution, gender identity issues such as homosexuality and transgenderism, you name it, you got it. Why is this the case? We really have no clue, but have observed that superstitious culture, economic poverty, weak family values, and even absent fatherhood have an impact on the milieu.

In Thailand, the price of male sex workers is higher than the females. The price of the transgender is higher than both and the price of child prostitutes is even higher. Child boxers are forced to take part in the games on which the villagers bet heavily. If they lost, even if they were not beaten to death in the ring, they would be in danger returning to their villages. Apart from the economic factors, absent fatherhood has the most significant impact.

A lot of men merely care about drinking, gambling and philandering. Not going to work but relying on their mother or wife for support, the children witnessed such behaviors. Subconsciously, they might deny their gender identity, blurring the gender boundaries. Karrie later served at the Breakthrough Ltd. Since they always love Thailand, they have the idea of moving there and opening a youth hostel. While gathering information, a higher way was waiting for them.

Their care and concern for the growth of young people remained the same despite the change of time and place. How should I express what I believe? In fact, how can we stay away from these issues when we are here? They are in the church as well! How to fix? All I care about is what future they are looking for, and what kind of change they would expect to see in their life. However, the Lord allowed her to meet different people serving here.

Their sharing, which are filled with acceptance and grace, touched her.

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If we are willing to go out first, then the boundaries will disappear and they will be more accepting. Therefore, the idea of the coffee shop was born.

If they are willing to share, they would know that someone is listening, and they can sense the ever-lasting love. They can come over and we may explore together.

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This is our thought of the coffee shop. In order to search for various ministry models that are applicable for coffee shop, they travelled around to learn. They went to Taiwan to attend Zentangle Art and baking workshops. They hanged around cafes and tea rooms of different scale.

After returning to Bangkok, they began to learn bakery at the cooking school.

On the day of interview, they brought the coffee bread they made in the coffee shop. On the bread was the beautiful Zentangle drawing handpainted by Karrie. She said that her senses seemed to be opened af ter the painting class, which was beyond her expectation. Demonstrate proficiency in oral and written communication.

Utilize an ethical decision making framework when presented with an ethical dilemma.

Analyze fundamental management concepts as applied to individual behavior in organizations. Analyze and apply the fundamental concepts, models, and techniques of business analytics.

July 30, 2011

Student Learning Outcomes Show mastery of various theories and explanations of crime causation. Write technical research and program proposal in crime reduction. Explore a bifurcated approach to learning, inclusive are theoretically and research driven approach to the practice in criminal justice, and a wide community based experience.

Engage in community partnership and promote participatory action model in enhancing approach to the study and research of crime. Integrate their faith in caring for the victims of crime and those who are affected directly or indirectly by the practices of the criminal justice system. Display the ability to think, discuss, and write in a critical manner.

Demonstrate the ability to research using primary and secondary sources in the field. Students will utilize previous college work, building upon that foundation, to create a personalized Christian liberal arts degree. Demonstrate the ability to recognize and understand diverse points of view in the context of their own worldview. Demonstrate the ability to think, discuss, and write in a critical manner.

It is designed to deliver general, biblical, and theological fundamentals to those persons desiring to continue on in further theological study. Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the Bible. Articulate a clear knowledge of biblical and theological principles. Demonstrate a basic knowledge of Christian doctrine.

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Utilize basic critical methodologies in biblical studies. Students will be given the opportunity to study courses relevant to their specific interests in pre-determined Christian disciplines. Collect, analyze, organize, and evaluate information on a broad range of topics from a wide range of sources on theological and selected ministry issues.

Utilize inductive study method in analysis of biblical passages. Evaluate relationship of Christian study emphases to selected disciplines of study. The focus will be to explore and develop leadership potential based on biblical principles in a variety of Christian ministry settings.

Demonstrate leadership skills through the understanding of group and individual interaction. Formulate strategies to direct Christians to apply leadership skills in life contexts. Emphases Outcomes Business: Demonstrate an understanding of the role of business in the life of the church. Articulate strategies for sound business practices. Church Administration: Demonstrate an understanding of the role of leadership within the church. Identify methods for developing leadership within the church. Children's Ministry: Demonstrate an understanding of the role of a children's minister.

Articulate strategies for children's ministry. Counseling: Articulate an understanding of the role of ministry counseling in the church. Identify various theories and methods in church counseling.

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Discipleship: Demonstrate an understanding of educational ministry and discipleship in the church. Display an understanding of the importance of small group ministry within the church. Music and Worship: Articulate an understanding of the importance of music and worship in the church. Demonstrate a foundational technical understanding of music theory and practice.

Stickman Theology Stickman Theology
Stickman Theology Stickman Theology
Stickman Theology Stickman Theology
Stickman Theology Stickman Theology
Stickman Theology Stickman Theology
Stickman Theology Stickman Theology
Stickman Theology Stickman Theology

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