Guerrilla Marketing for Beauty Salons

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Guerrilla Marketing for Beauty Salons

Another idea is to host mother-and-daughter specials. This can provide them with bonding time and you will double the clients. If you have well-designed and informative handouts, consider innovative ways to distribute them. If your target demographic is female and your salon is in a busy area, you may choose to distribute fresh flowers with small brochures or coupons attached with ribbon.

If your location is in a tourist area or close to an airport, network to place brochures in area hotels. Perhaps provide the concierge an exclusive discount to share with his patrons. This card resembled the familiar one from the game Monopoly but instructed men who had forgotten a wife's birthday, found themselves in the doghouse or just wanted a little time alone to call the spa so their professionals could take care of the problem.

Because of the innovated and humorous presentation, they also received plenty of word-of-mouth advertising as well. Based in Eugene, Ore.

She won the Mahan award in creative writing in and holds degrees in English and education with concentrations in journalism and psychology. Skip to main content. Non-Profit Exposure Consider nonprofit partnerships that will be mutually beneficial. Publishing a book is not expensive.

4 Salon Marketing Trends You Need To Try in 2019!

You can self publish. You can write the book and have it printed at print shops that can do it for an inexpensive price. Stay away from the big publishers and think of self publishers that do not require up front payment. See Book Publishers. See sources where you can get Bookmarks made. Make it large enough to be seen by passing airplanes. Pick a beach that gets a lot of traffic.

STAMP Try a Guerilla Marketing Campaign - Awards & Contests - Salon Today

Get there early and pick a good spot. One way to bring attention to your business is to pay them to wear tattoos of your business logo, business name or website URL on their bodies. If they have concerns about the permanency of tattoos you can offer them to wear temporary tattoos instead. See a list of places where you can get temporary custom tattoos. Millions of eyeballs will see your advertisement. Think about how much time you spend in rush hour traffic during the week. Think of how much time you spend looking at the bumper of the vehicle in front of you. Just imagine if you had 1, vehicles with your sticker on their bumpers traversing rush hour traffic every day across the country.

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Now multiply your experience by the millions of eyeballs that will view your ad in a given year. See a list of vendors where you can get your Bumper Stickers made. Other eyeballs could get to look at your advertising when your email is forwarded by the recipient to another person.

Partake in forums and other venues where you communicate to lots of people via email. This will give you ad greater exposure. Think of an ad on the back of a t-shirt of someone walking through crowds of tens of thousands of people. Think of all the people behind you looking right at your back. Now imagine the t-shirt with your ad on the backs of a few people walking through the crowds. Give the t-shirt away at the event for free, on the condition that they put it on right then and there.

See outdoor events by State. Take advantage of it. Give out some free t-shirts on the condition that they wear it right then and there. See a list of Malls by State. Take advantage of this too. Take for example, Employee-of-the-Month. Offer an organization the opportunity to give the Employee-of-the-Month winner your service or product for free as part of their winning package. That will be much more appreciated than just a plaque on the wall. Other venues you can donate to include TV Talk Show give away programs, morning television contests, Radio show contests, etc.

TV Station Listing by State. Notify the media to put the word out. The media loves to support a good cause. They study! So why not be one of the ones who are smart enough to promote your brand while helping other people?

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Launching a free e-book or a how-to video is no small task: it takes a lot of time, effort, creativity, and determination. But the payoff is too good to sit on the sidelines.

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You never know who might rise the ranks, perhaps a few years after you release your book or your how-to video, and say that they got their start watching your how-to video or reading your e-book! Rather than making a one-off kind of video or e-book, consider hosting a web-based seminar where you teach people how to do hair, skin, makeup or nails on a weekly or monthly basis.

Not only will this help the next generation, continuous output of content will do wonders for your salon branding! Look into starting a beauty broadcast, where you share your expertise. Maybe you could focus on the difficult sides of running your own salon, the pitfalls you encountered along the way, and any message or advice you would share with up-and-coming salon folks. Try this: to keep it interesting, why not have a different person come on the podcast each week? You could even have salon owners of different disciplines on as guest speakers. That would keep things fresh and exciting on your podcast!

Talk about buzzwords and touchy subjects: this is your chance to do something edgy and controversial like covering celebrity looks and discussing whether or not those looks suit them.

Be the entrepreneur you were meant to be. It all starts with your mindset

We all know that celebrities have personal stylists and makeup artists, so why not put the spotlight on those people too? Talk about how good or bad of a job they did on all of their clients and explain what you would do differently. Do you want to know how celebrity stylists, who go forth as beauty experts, are made? They talk, and they keep talking until someone listens! Talk about buzzwords and touchy subjects: this is your chance to do something edgy and controversial!

A Sample Beauty Salon Spa Marketing Plan Template

And last but not least, another way to promote your salon is to put on unique and exclusive events to celebrate your clients and thank them. Luckily, there is software on the market that allows you to. Starting out, every dollar counts, and your software offers the same, if not more than the other software and it was less expensive. That really helped me out because it was something that I really needed. We just launched our monthly memberships, and everyone loves them. The monthly membership gives them a break for doing something that they already do.

Guerrilla Marketing for Beauty Salons Guerrilla Marketing for Beauty Salons
Guerrilla Marketing for Beauty Salons Guerrilla Marketing for Beauty Salons
Guerrilla Marketing for Beauty Salons Guerrilla Marketing for Beauty Salons
Guerrilla Marketing for Beauty Salons Guerrilla Marketing for Beauty Salons
Guerrilla Marketing for Beauty Salons Guerrilla Marketing for Beauty Salons

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