Gay Mpreg Fantasy (Male Pregnancy Fetish Erotica)

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Macrophile fantasies often involve being chased around by giants who dominate the landscape. As such, most macrophiliacs are also micro philiacs to some degree — that is, people who sexualize smallness. Computer animation NSFW and virtual reality have also helped macrophiliacs explore their fetish, at least until science finds a way to shrink and grow people. Helen Friedman, a clinical psychologist in St.

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Louis, theorized that macrophilia is less a fetish and more of an internal world of escapist fantasies created by people who felt overwhelmed by domineering or abusive adults as children. Also known as rainbow or Roman showers after the fabled Roman practice of vomiting to eat more during feasts , emetophiliacs get turned on by vomiting or watching others vomit.

Emetophilia is not the same as bulimia nervosa, an eating disorder characterized by binge-eating and self-induced vomiting. However, there is at least one documented story of a bulimic female who inadvertently turned on her emetophiliac boyfriend. Naturally, since vomiting and eating go hand in hand, some folks connect it to feeder fetishes. The intense emotions experienced while vomiting play a part, too. And never underestimate the power of humiliation. A book by Dr.

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Also, all human sex with animals is rape whether animals can conceive of consent or not. We also found two fake news sites that we refuse to link to claiming that immigrants entering the UK enjoy entomophilia because the unsanitary dwellings in their home countries have habituated them to insects regularly crawling over their bodies.

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This unsubstantiated and frankly racist claim means only to inspire xenophobic disgust and serves as a contemporary example of how people use unusual fetishes and physical revulsion as a way to stigmatize and divide communities. Perhaps he had ursusagalmatophilia, an erotic attraction to teddy bears.

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While the attraction can express itself through super-affectionate cuddling, other folks strap dildos to their bears or insert Fleshjacks into holes sewn into their bodies. Romantic attachments can also be formed to these bears. Children sometimes act out their pre-pubescent sexual fantasies on dolls, having them hump each other long before they themselves experience actual humping.

Various interviews with ursusagalmatophiliacs reveal a shared shyness; unlike other unusual fetishes that require a partner, bear lovers can enjoy their desires alone. The Dresden Files : In book 15, Skin Game , Harry discovers that his "parasite" is actually a child conceived from Lash's sacrifice as an act of unconditional love. Given that the book is about robbing a near-impenetrable vault to steal from Hades' private treasury , there are clear parallels between Dresden's mind-child and Athena, who burst, fully-formed, from Zeus' skull.

In a variant, the Thomas M. Disch short story "Emancipation" featured a man who gets surgically altered so he can breast-feed his child, in a future where gestation routinely occurs in People Jars. Counts as bad research since hormone treatments would be all that was necessary. In The Fresco by Sheri S. Tepper , some aliens temporarily stranded on Earth pick on a group of powerful conservative American men to incubate their young, reasoning that since the men are opposed to abortion, they'll agree that it is their duty to help the aliens out.

The men are not happy, especially when it turns out the young aliens will have to eat their way out of their bodies. The whole incident provides an anvilicious moral: don't force others to do what you aren't willing to do yourself.

Gay Breeding of the Alpha Male (Mpreg Erotica Male Pregnancy Feminization)

Metaphorically present in Frankenstein. The process of creating each new artificial life takes the titular doctor the better part of a year, with the hardest labor coming near the end and leaving him mentally and physically exhausted. Does This Remind You of Anything? While only the Emotionals are referred to as 'she', it's the Parentals, consistently referred to as 'he', that actually bear the children.

An Anne McCaffrey short story in which an alien prostitute impregnates half the male population of a small town. In the Prince Roger series, the "women" of Marduk are by the strictest definition male. The "men" of the species have an organ which resembles human male genitalia, but it's actually an ovipositor. When a Mardukan man ovulates, he implants the ova into a woman, who fertilizes the egg and carries it to term.

Parodied in the last A Series of Unfortunate Events book, where Count Olaf's ultimate disguise is of a pregnant woman. Even the people he's trying to fool think it's ridiculous.

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In The Stress of Her Regard , silicon-based vampiric lifeforms from Earth's primordial past are roused from torpor when one of them, resembling a small statue, is implanted in the body of a living man. To send them back into hibernation, the obstetrician protagonist must perform a forced Caesarian section to extract the statue which has grown since the first surgery!

Mentioned in Lucian's True History. The people of the moon are a One-Gender Race all males and their sons grow inside the calves of the men. Occasionally mentioned in passing in some of S. Viehl's books; for example, a rumor circulates in Stardoc that Cherijo has impregnated Kao. And then, there's this exchange in Blade Dancer : Thgill: I'd love to have your offspring. How about we get intoxicated, go back to my place, and you impregnate me?

Jory: Doesn't work that way with my kind, pal. Thgill: Pity. Live-Action TV. Played for Laughs in 2point4 Children.

Bill buys a pregnancy test but, when she goes to take it, realises one of the tester sticks is missing. It turns out that Ben has taken and used it and now believes he's pregnant. In Alien Nation , Newcomer males have their children transferred into their bodies before they fully come to term, in a more literal seahorse-like way. While Tenctonese females incubate the pod until it is time for transfer, the males experience the majority of the pregnancy, including massive hormone changes, mood swings, sensitive nipples, nursing the pod, carrying the extra weight, and the reeeeally fun part the actual act of giving birth.

Similarly seahorse-like, in Babylon 5 , all Narn males have a pouch like that of an opossum or other marsupial, in which newborn babies are placed until they are old enough to go out into the world. Merton in Big Wolf on Campus after an alien abduction. He himself references Junior as part of his Once per Episode movie-buff routine, and then there's this shout out to Alien Merton: So, how do you think the baby will make its way into the world, my anatomy being a little different from the average child-bearer?

Alien: Are you familiar with the film Alien? Merton: Are you kidding?

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The Ridley Scott classic, featuring Sigourney Weaver in a career-defining role? Alien: Uh-huh! Merton: Oh! Remember the part where the alien bursts out of John Hurt's stomach? That was disgusting Alien: Uh-huh. Jefferson: My ovaries hurt! Peggy: Wow, he is really good!

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The video for Will Young's single, Hopes and Fears. Pass the Brain Bleach. Chaplain: and now stricken with pangs that tear at our backs like thistle down the mirror's soft silver tain reflects our last and birthing hour. Classical Mythology : Done by Zeus with both Athena and Dionysus, if a fully grown and armored warrior woman bursting out of your skull after eating her mother AND stitching your pre-term half-mortal son into your thigh after you accidentally fry his mortal mom respectively counts.

An alternate version of the legend detailing the births of Loki's most famous children, Fenrir, Jormungandr and Hel, claims that Loki gave birth to Hel. Loki swallowed this, became pregnant, ran away into the woods and eventually gave birth to their daughter, the half-dead Hel.

Gay Mpreg Fantasy (Male Pregnancy Fetish Erotica) Gay Mpreg Fantasy (Male Pregnancy Fetish Erotica)
Gay Mpreg Fantasy (Male Pregnancy Fetish Erotica) Gay Mpreg Fantasy (Male Pregnancy Fetish Erotica)
Gay Mpreg Fantasy (Male Pregnancy Fetish Erotica) Gay Mpreg Fantasy (Male Pregnancy Fetish Erotica)
Gay Mpreg Fantasy (Male Pregnancy Fetish Erotica) Gay Mpreg Fantasy (Male Pregnancy Fetish Erotica)
Gay Mpreg Fantasy (Male Pregnancy Fetish Erotica) Gay Mpreg Fantasy (Male Pregnancy Fetish Erotica)
Gay Mpreg Fantasy (Male Pregnancy Fetish Erotica) Gay Mpreg Fantasy (Male Pregnancy Fetish Erotica)
Gay Mpreg Fantasy (Male Pregnancy Fetish Erotica) Gay Mpreg Fantasy (Male Pregnancy Fetish Erotica)

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