Fourth Down (First and Last Series Book 3)

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In this spine-chilling novel, a woman returns to her Florida hometown to care for her grandmother and work for the local paper. Participants leave with a commemorative mug from local potter, Josie Cobb. To survive, she must fight for her life against terrorists and work to uncover a mole… Pick up the third book in the pulse-pounding espionage thriller series, Spies Lie. For thousands of years, women have been prey.

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This time the predators lose. Kindle Are these books no longer free? Sign up for our email and never miss a free book again! The Wright Brother by K. But will that be enough in order to put the broken pieces back together? A distraction.

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An escape. Two weeks on the road with no ties or commitment and now promises. But what if I want more?

Romance is in the air, however, the teens are experiencing teenage angst and hate each other. Can love prevail and will this blended family work? I cannot wait to read Dirty Filthy Rich Men!!! Twomey: When the three princes of the battling territories set out to redeem the land their parents have ruined, Destino rules that the only way to unite the people is for him to marry a woman from one of the enemy territories — the land of the fae.

Kindle Look! Crown Prince Rowan Westringham Tate will do whatever it takes to preserve his small country. The investigation leads them into a dark and dangerous world deep in the heart of New Orleans, where together they search for the perpetrators of the Voodoo killings. What he finds there is Sasa, a woman who enthralls him, but will his need for vengeance be surpassed by his desire for her?

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A mouthy street girl. The Bloodless Assassin is a tropical steampunk adventure with quirky characters and snappy banter, set in a richly imagined world. Catling alone has the talent to disrupt their sway.

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    Fourth Down (First and Last Series Book 3) Fourth Down (First and Last Series Book 3)
    Fourth Down (First and Last Series Book 3) Fourth Down (First and Last Series Book 3)
    Fourth Down (First and Last Series Book 3) Fourth Down (First and Last Series Book 3)
    Fourth Down (First and Last Series Book 3) Fourth Down (First and Last Series Book 3)
    Fourth Down (First and Last Series Book 3) Fourth Down (First and Last Series Book 3)
    Fourth Down (First and Last Series Book 3) Fourth Down (First and Last Series Book 3)

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