Daisy Miller (Italian Edition)

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Daisy Miller

A gentleman friend would normally be welcome as a friend of the family, but here Mrs. Miller shrugs off the role of matriarch and allows her daughter to express her own wishes and ask her own favors. Miller agrees, saying Daisy will get the fever.

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Daisy smiles and kisses Mrs. Daisy glances at Winterbourne, but without hesitating, smiles and says yes. Walker pleads with her not to go to meet an Italian at this hour. He agrees, and they go downstairs. This is the first time we hear of the Roman fever, or malaria. This was a fear for many travelers to Rome, who believed it could be transmitted through the air and thus that certain areas were particularly fraught with danger.

Daisy receives these warnings calmly and cheerfully, as usual, but also without even appearing to consider them and deviate from her own plan. Daisy and Winterbourne go outside and move slowly through the packed streets. Winterbourne enjoys seeing many passersby ogle at Daisy, but he wonders how she could have thought to make this walk alone.

DAISY MILLER by Henry James - FULL Audiobook dramatic reading (Chapter 1)

As often is the case, Winterbourne is torn between his attraction to Daisy and his confusion regarding her motivations and actions. Observing vs. Daisy rebukes Winterbourne for not coming to see her earlier, but then turns to other topics. Unlike other travelers, Daisy seems unconcerned about the mysterious Roman fever. She laughs, then sees the Italian leaning against a tree. He is handsome, and wears a cocked hat and a nosegay small bunch of flowers in the buttonhole of his shirt.

Winterbourne thinks she should listen to the right gentleman. As the Italian approaches, Winterbourne tells Daisy that this is not the right gentleman. Winterbourne certainly seems to find it inappropriate for Daisy to be wandering around with an unknown Italian man by herself, but he also obviously would much prefer if Daisy were to spend time with him instead.

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Daisy introduces the two men and they walk, each on one side of her. Giovanelli is polite, clever, and sophisticated, but speaks with little sense. Still, he admits that Giovanelli is agreeable and adept at pretending. This status has little to do with any personal charm—the thing Daisy seems to admire most. Once again Winterbourne is shown as a character who primarily observes and judges, rather than acts.

Daisy is not quite delicate, but neither can he bring himself to feel that she is just a flirt, an occasion for a brief passion. Here, Winterbourne contrasts innocence to boldness, as he wonders if Daisy is really toying with him or just frankly enjoys his company. After fifteen minutes, Mrs. Walker pulls up in a carriage, her face flushed, and beckons to Winterbourne.

Daisy Miller by Henry James | Penguin Random House Canada

She cries that 50 people have noticed Daisy , and she must stop. Winterbourne asks her not to make a fuss about it, since Daisy is simply innocent, but Mrs. As a fellow American woman in Rome, Mrs. Walker has had to learn just how she can and cannot act in society, and it is maddening for her to see Daisy flout these rules. Winterbourne goes to fetch Daisy , who seems delighted to present Mr.

Giovanelli to Mrs. Walker asks her to get in the carriage, and Daisy replies brightly that she would be charmed to, but is quite happy where she is. Walker says, and Daisy exclaims that it should be. When Mrs. Walker suggests she walk with her mother, Daisy says a little more sharply that she is old enough, and Mrs. Daisy continues to smile and queries what Mrs. Walker means; the older woman only tells her to get in. Walker means by this. It is difficult to tell to what extent Daisy is oblivious about the trouble that she is causing, and to what extent she simply is willing to ignore it.

Even if Mrs. Daisy begins to flush, and looks quite pretty to Winterbourne. She asks him if her reputation requires that she get in the carriage. Winterbourne flushes himself and, after pausing, decides it is most gentlemanly to tell the truth, so he says she should get in. Daisy laughs loudly and cries that she will just have to be improper, and then she promptly turns away to walk with Mr. Finally Daisy seems to become aware of the stakes of refusing Mrs. So she digs her heels in and embraces impropriety, ensuring that the principle of her own independence will be secured but her reputation with Mrs.

Walker will be ruined. She hardly looks at him as he says goodbye. Giovanelli tips his hat extravagantly. Winterbourne is strung between them, sharing some of Mrs. Winterbourne tells Mrs. Walker , back in the carriage, that her earnestness has backfired: Daisy means no harm. She says the servants all exchange smiles when a gentleman comes to ask for Daisy. Initially, Winterbourne hopes to downplay Mrs. Walker refuses to lighten up. This seems to especially upset Winterbourne.

Walker may hold their own prejudices. In the distance Daisy and Mr. Giovanelli are seated on a bench. Winterbourne watches them wander toward the wall, where Giovanelli perches himself. Winterbourne pauses, then walks away towards Mrs. As Winterbourne watches Daisy and Giovanelli, it becomes clear that his role in her life is now definitively one of an observer rather than a participant, which is why he knows enough to turn away. On the third day is Mrs. When Winterbourne arrives, he sees Mrs. Miller , though not Daisy.

“Daisy Miller dies from having an Italian friend and going outside”

Miller tells Winterbourne and Mrs. Walker that she feels frightened to have come alone. Daisy is dressed, she says, but started playing at the piano with the Italian, and they were too enraptured to leave. Walker is deeply offended, and tells Winterbourne to the side that Daisy is having her revenge for the other day.

For her part, Mrs. This behavior seems especially petty and spiteful, but Mrs. She goes straight to Mrs.

Walker and introduces her to the Italian, saying his beautiful singing made them late. Walker is short with Mr. Giovanelli, who continues to act like a handsome Italian, singing and curling his mustache, throughout the evening. She hardly feels that arriving late is an offense to Mrs.

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Giovanelli is described as a very European, though somewhat ridiculous, figure. Daisy and Winterbourne begin to talk. She says she was shocked that Mrs. Walker wanted her to abandon Mr. Winterbourne says Giovanelli would never have asked an Italian lady to walk around the streets with him. It is not that Daisy lacks all sense of social custom and propriety: she retains her own sense of what is and is not proper.

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For her, abandoning Mr. Giovanelli would be its own form of social indecency. Daisy thanks him but says he is much too stiff to flirt with. She laughs at his discomfort. Is Daisy teasing Winterbourne, provoking him just as a flirt would do, or is she just deflecting his critique by making light of it? Either or both may be true.

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Winterbourne continues, trying to convince Daisy that she should follow the custom of a certain place, rather than flirt in the American custom, which people may misinterpret. Giovanelli are intimate friends. She says that Mr.

Daisy Miller (Italian Edition) Daisy Miller (Italian Edition)
Daisy Miller (Italian Edition) Daisy Miller (Italian Edition)
Daisy Miller (Italian Edition) Daisy Miller (Italian Edition)
Daisy Miller (Italian Edition) Daisy Miller (Italian Edition)
Daisy Miller (Italian Edition) Daisy Miller (Italian Edition)

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