A Debt of Fire: A Tale of Horror

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Jackpot Winner's Tale of Robberies, Drugs, Murder, Gambling Debts, and a Horrific Fire

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Shakespeare freely gave away most of his money. A friend, DeeDee Moore, volunteered to help manage what was left. Shortly afterwards, Shakespeare disappeared. His body was discovered under a slab of cement, with two bullet holes in his chest. Moore was convicted of first degree murder.

Our take : It's great to give away your money to family and friends, but be careful when someone volunteers to manage your wealth!

The Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert W. Service | Poetry Foundation

From rags to riches and back again. And what did Jay do with his new-found wealth? The women wrestlers were clad in revealing bikinis.

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The Cremation of Sam McGee

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Good luck playing the lottery! It is struggling to prove in court that it has the legal paperwork showing ownership of its loans, which were originally made by banks and then sold to investors. The trusts aggressively pursue borrowers who fall behind on their bills. Across the country, they have brought at least four new collection cases each day, on average — more than so far this year — and tens of thousands of lawsuits in the past five years.

Last year, National Collegiate unleashed a fusillade of litigation against Samantha Watson, a year-old mother of three who graduated from Lehman College in the Bronx in with a degree in psychology. Watson, the first in her family to go to college, took out private loans to finance her studies. But she said she had trouble following the fine print. Watson made some payments on her loans but fell behind when her daughter got sick and she had to quit her job as an executive assistant.

At one point, National Collegiate presented documents saying that Ms. Watson had enrolled at a school she never attended, Mr.

Thomas said. Watson said of her court appearance. In her defense, Ms. Watson said.

My mom started to cry. Joel Leiderman, a lawyer at Forster and Garbus, the law firm that represented National Collegiate in its litigation against Ms.

Jamie Lee Curtis Has Never Worked Hard a Day in Her Life

Watson, declined to comment on the lawsuits. Judges throughout the country, including recently in cases in New Hampshire , Ohio and Texas , have tossed out lawsuits by National Collegiate, ruling that it did not prove it owned the debt on which it was trying to collect. The trusts win many of the lawsuits they file automatically, because borrowers often do not show up to fight. Those court victories, which can be used to garnish paychecks and take federal benefits like Social Security from bank accounts, can haunt borrowers for decades. The loans that National Collegiate holds were made to college students more than a decade ago by dozens of different banks, then bundled together by a financing company and sold to investors through a process known as securitization.

Robyn Smith, a lawyer with the National Consumer Law Center , a nonprofit advocacy group, has seen shoddy and inaccurate paperwork in dozens of cases involving private student loans from a variety of lenders and debt buyers, which she detailed in a report. Over and over, she said, the company drops lawsuits — often on the eve of a trial or deposition — when borrowers contest them. Smith said. Uderitz said in a recent interview.

The Humbug

Like those who took on subprime mortgages, many people with private student loans end up shouldering debt that they never earn enough to repay. Private loans lack that flexibility, and they often carry interest rates that can reach double digits. Because of those steep rates, the size of the loans can quickly balloon, leaving borrowers to pay hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of dollars each month. Others are left with debt for degrees they never completed, because the for-profit colleges they enrolled in closed amid allegations of fraud.

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Federal student borrowers can apply for a discharge in those circumstances, but private borrowers cannot. Lawsuits against borrowers who have fallen behind on their consumer loans are typically filed in state or local courts, where records are often hard to search.

A Debt of Fire: A Tale of Horror A Debt of Fire: A Tale of Horror
A Debt of Fire: A Tale of Horror A Debt of Fire: A Tale of Horror
A Debt of Fire: A Tale of Horror A Debt of Fire: A Tale of Horror
A Debt of Fire: A Tale of Horror A Debt of Fire: A Tale of Horror
A Debt of Fire: A Tale of Horror A Debt of Fire: A Tale of Horror

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